Monday, June 6, 2011

New Items Coming Soon

We will soon have some new and exciting items in our store!!  Along with our beautiful flower barrettes and bows we will be adding a selection of feathered items to our stock.  These elegant hair accessories will go fast, so do not wait, get your early!!

Friday, May 20, 2011

We're Back Up and Running!!

Spring is in the air, finally, here in beautiful Mendocino County and ReneeMarie is ready to get our awesome accessories out there for all to enjoy. Tons have changed in our lives and are totally ready for the adventures that life is throwing our way.  We are coming up with new designs daily for our barrettes, and want some feedback from our followers.  If there is something that you like but want it a little different let us know and we will work on making that item the one for you.  Even if you have your own design that you would like us to put out there don't hesitate to ask.
Would also like to put out there for everyone is we are know on the wonderful world of Facebook.  We have gotten a lot of response from it and are very pleased with the way things are going.  So if you haven't done so check us out at and keep up with us daily.  

Friday, December 3, 2010

All Featured Items on Sale- 50% OFF

Whew, Thanksgiving is behind us, but that does not mean it is time to slow down because Christmas is approaching faster than you think.  Have you started your Christmas shopping yet?  In celebration of the Christmas holiday ReneeMarie has updated the featured items to go along with the Christmas theme, and better yet each featured item is going to be 50% off.  That is right half off.  That is ReneeMarie's Christmas gift to you, so you can give to someone else.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Thanksgiving Sale

Well we all know that Thanksgiving is just around the corner and is creeping up quickly.  Are you looking for something to make a personal statement and stand out with?  Well we have the item for you.  It is the Sunflower with Berries Hair Barrette.  This item was one of the first items that we made that we totally fell in love with.  It is easy to wear and will go great with your Thanksgiving color scheme.  This item can be worn in an up do as shown or with your hair down.  ReneeMarie will be keeping this item on sale threw Thanksgiving so if you want it let us know and we will get it out as soon as possible.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Todays Sale Item

Good Afternoon to everyone on this rainy day here in Northern California.  ReneeMarie would like to let everyone know about todays feature item in our Etsy Shop.  It is our Pink Flower Barrette on sale today for $3.00, thats almost half off today!!  This item is another one that could be dressed up or down.  Hurry while we have it available because currently we only have one of these in stock.  If you like this item and missed your chance to snag it up, let us know and we will be glad to make more available.  We will be leaving this item on sale threw the holidays into the first of the year.  So let us know bye January 3rd if you would like to see more.

Friday, November 19, 2010

On Sale Today & Whats coming up....

Today's feature item is the White Poinsettia Flower Barrette.  It is on sale today for $3.00!!  This item is so fun to wear.  It can be worn with your hair down or with a up do as casual or for a special occasion.  This item is definitely a must have for you hair barrette collection.  It will go with just about any color scheme that you have going. 
Now we would like to bring up some things that ReneeMarie have in the works.  We are so excited about this item that we had to put it out there!!  This item has just recently had a boom in the fashion world and we just cant get enough of it.   It is the Miniature Top Hat Accessory.  The best thing about this item is it's so easy to pull off.  You just stick it in and go.  Let us know what you think.  

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Sale Item's and Special Orders

Morning all!!  We wanted to start out this morning by letting everyone know about our sale items and special orders.  ReneeMarie will be putting a variety of items on sale on a daily basis.  The items on sale will be any item that we feel will meet the need of your day to day basis or even a piece that you could wear out on the town.  Check back with us to look for your favorite item on sale.  Really you can't beat the price! Todays feature item on sale is the Sunflower and small pink flower.  On sale for $3.50. This piece can be worn in an up do or down, whatever your in the mood for.
Now lets talk about special orders.  If you see something in our shop and have a twist on our take, let us know what you would like changed and we will try and make it exactly the way you would like.  If its a simple color change or even the placement of an item we can change things up to meet your need.  Or if you have a totally different idea for a barrette or another kind of hair accessory that you would like us to post more of, just let us know!!